The Stratego Approach

We remember our days as CFO’s, and know our clients do not have a great deal of time to spare – particularly for outside advisors and service providers. So we designed our engagements to limit the amount of time and disruption placed on our clients and their staff.

Here is Stratego’s three-phase approach to a typical engagement:

Phase I – Assessment and Recommendations
The first step of the profit improvement process is for Stratego Partners to review key financial documents such as insurance renewal binders, leases, loan documents, and tax returns.

Within 30 days of receiving the necessary documents, we will present Stratego’s recommendations detailing the:

  • Areas for potential profit improvement
  • Projected range of savings and calculation methodology
  • Implementation game plan

At the conclusion of Phase I, our clients are in a position to make an informed decision as to whether they want to move forward and implement the ideas presented.

Phase II – Implementation
The complexity and time considerations for implementation vary by the project.

A loan modification amendment with a client’s existing bank will likely take less than 30 days to implement and only a few hours of our client’s time. On the other hand, a change in our client’s health insurance PPO network will likely involve a significant amount of time coordinating and collaborating with the HR department, the client’s insurance broker, and the optimal PPO network. A project such as this might take three calendar months to implement. For more project results see the Case Studies section in the website.

While the amount of profit improvement and internal resources required will vary by project, our clients know what their time & profit trade-off will be at the end of Phase I presentation and before they commit to Phase II.

Phase III – Monitor Savings
Upon implementation of a recommended profit improvement strategy, Stratego will begin to monitor the profit improvement and send periodic reports. We do this in order to ensure that our clients are aware of the actual results, and we also want to make certain profit improvement is maximized post implementation. After the end of the first year, we meet in order to present the first year profit improvement realized by the client.