Why Stratego

Why Strateo

Our approach at Stratego Partners is different than other Management Consulting firms.

We do not really consider ourselves “consultants” in the traditional sense of the word. Rather we are former CFOs and financial executives who know how to apply tried and true techniques to the non-core cost areas of an organization in order to identify and deliver profit improvement.

Because we have sat on the client side of the desk for the majority of our careers, we understand the top concerns of our client contacts. Our approach is designed to:

  • Maximize savings/profit improvement
  • Minimize internal disruption
  • Ensure successful implementation
  • Drive results quickly and efficiently
  • Guaranty performance

With this in mind, we have aligned our approach and fees with our Clients’ needs. We ask for less than 2 hours of upfront client time in order to gather the information we need to perform our initial assessment and prepare our specific profit improvement recommendations. See Timeline for more details.

More importantly, our engagement fees are performance-driven and based on a 50/50 sharing of the client’s actual first year savings. After year one, our clients receive 100% of the savings.

More reasons why clients choose Stratego Partners.

  1. Our client’s senior executive teams are typically focused on business growth and strategy, and their operational core competencies. They often do not have the internal expertise or the bandwidth to quickly and efficiently evaluate the savings opportunities in the non-core cost areas of their business.
  2. Management and staff are stretched too thin and are consumed by the business initiatives already identified by the senior executive team. With minimal internal disruption, Stratego Partners provides the expertise and the necessary resources to evaluate the profit improvement opportunities, develop the game plan and efficiently implement the recommendations.
  3. Companies are increasingly profit improvement driven. Stratego’s business model and client approach is tightly aligned with this objective.
  4. We respect our client’s time, internal resources and external vendor and/or professional service advisor relationships.
  5. Clients work directly with Stratego principals, not inexperienced staff, from engagement kick-off through recommendation implementation. Each principal has more than 20 years of functional experience and has extensive relationships with the vendor and service provider communities.
  6. Because we are former CFOs and financial executives, our analyses and presentations are geared toward the way a CFO thinks and operates.
  7. We understand that our value extends beyond providing recommendations. It lies in the successful implementation of the recommendations and maximizing the level of savings attained by each client.